General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Flowers delivered

The bouquet delivered will be prepared with care by our skilled florists some moments before delivery. In certain cases, according to the florist’s judgement, the season or supply, the product delivered may differ slightly from the image. The bouquet photographs are indicative of an average priced bouquet.

Price of flowers

Prices vary according to the season and region. The price charged is the one charged by the supplying florist on the day of delivery.

The prices listed on our website include solely the price of the flowers and local VAT. The cost of delivery is added to the price of the flowers. It is itemized in your order once the bouquet and card have been selected.

On special occasions, such as St. Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, certain flowers, especially roses, are subject to a considerable rise in the florists’ purchase prices. Even if our florists make every effort to limit this effect on their sales prices, we may be forced to alter our prices as well as the size of our bouquets.


Thanks to our international Teleflora network, we are able to deliver your floral arrangements in more than 150 countries. Due to the different time zones and the different opening times in each country, we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time, except for bereavement ceremonies.

If, nevertheless, you would like to have delivery made at a specific time during the day, you may add a comment regarding this in the notes on delivery. Our florist will make every effort to fulfil your request but cannot guarantee it. Failure to observe the time of delivery shall not give rise to a claim for compensation.

Please note that delivery on the same day the order is received is not possible, insofar as the order reaches us before midday (please note for delivery abroad, the time to be taken into account is local time of the country of delivery).

Delivery address

Please ensure that the delivery address on the order is correct and complete. An order must contain as a minimum a local telephone number where the person can be contacted on the date of delivery. Verification is carried out for every order, which may be subject to a request for further information. In this case, the order may be suspended. We do not assume any responsibility in the event of delay or non-delivery resulting from an incorrect or incomplete address.

If the recipient is absent at the time of delivery, the delivery person will attempt to entrust the bouquet to a trustworthy person who is present at the time of the delivery. If no-one is available, the delivery person will return the bouquet to the shop and will leave a delivery notice so that the recipient may contact the florist to arrange redelivery. If the florist is not contacted quickly by the recipient, you will be advised so that further information can be obtained regarding delivery.

Delivery to hospitals or hotels

So that your order arrives at its destination as soon as possible, the following information may prove to be useful for our delivery person:

In the case of delivery to a hospital: the ward name and/or number and the room number
In the case of delivery to a hotel: the room number and the name under which the recipient has registered at the reception desk (couple, group …).

In the latter case, we guarantee delivery solely as far as the reception desk of the establishment.

Deliveries for wedding or bereavement ceremonies

In order to avoid any problems, please give the exact name of the church or the place where the ceremony is to be held, as well as the time at which the ceremony will commence. It is essential to provide the telephone number of a close relative or a responsible person whom our florist may contact on the day of delivery in case of difficulty or for more exact details.

Orders by telephone

123Blumen offers you the possibility of placing your orders by telephone. You will find the necessary information on our “contact“ page. In order to facilitate placing the order, please have the complete address of the recipient (including telephone number) to hand. The methods of payment are identical those provided for when placing an order via the Internet.

Is it possible to place an order without an email address ?

Yes, you may place an order without an email address solely by telephone.


123Blumen offers you a range of quality accessories to accompany your floral arrangements. The accessories are forwarded by mail to the florist supplying the arrangement. The delivery period is a minimum of 24 hours on working days. However, it may be that the package does not arrive punctually at the florist’s shop. In this case, you will be informed immediately so that arrangements can be made regarding delivery.


123Blumen as well as all its florist partners pay special attention to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

The 123Blumen guarantee includes:

Fresh, quality flowers
Floral arrangements created by skilled craftsmen and women
Delivery on the desired day

Any complaints concerning the quality or freshness of a bouquet must reach us within a maximum of three (3) days following receipt of delivery. We will then contact our florist who will contact the recipient directly in order to arrive at a solution of compensation or exchange.

Special dates

With respect to holidays such as St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, and given the high number of orders that are placed for these holidays, we cannot guarantee that delivery will be made on the actual day of the holiday. Delivery may be made one or two days after the requested date. This delay does not give rise to any claim for compensation.

Orders for Mother’s Day are usually delivered on the preceding Saturday as many florist shops are closed and do not make deliveries on Mother’s Day.

Amendment or cancellation of orders

Any changes or cancellations must be notified to us at least 24 hours before the date of delivery. If notification is made later, we will make every effort to comply with your request, but this may incur additional charges.


123Blumen undertakes not to transmit any of your information to any third party. If the recipient asks us for more details, we will not transmit any information without your prior agreement.

About us

123Blumen allows its customers to send flowers everywhere in Switzerland, 365 days a year. Every order will be carefully prepared by a florist who will deliver your bouquet directly to the recipient. You'll have the possibility to include an accessory (chocolate, candles, or balloons) as well as a customized greeting card with your order. Our catalogue is constantly updated according to seasonality and events such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas

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